Susie was born in South Korea and raised in Canada. During high school, her biology teacher found her notes filled with colored illustrations, and he strongly encouraged her to pursue a career in medical illustration. With this new passion in mind, Susie continued her science education in Western University where she received a BSc in Medical Sciences and Biology. During her time there, she saw beauty in the complexity of a human body in the same way she sees in art: smaller units of cells and organs comprise the systems in the body, just like how tiny pencil strokes form shapes and altogether complete a whole picture. Following graduation, Susie focused on improving her artistic abilities while helping people with autism learn and socialize, often using her own drawings as a communication tool.

        During her graduate studies in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, she has been professionally trained to bridge the gap between medicine and various audiences. In March of 2021, she was honored to be a recipient of the Vesalius Trust Research Grant for her thesis proposal, "Educating Patients: Communicating the Gut-Brain Connection in Parkinson's Disease using Multimedia".

        Currently, Susie is specializing in 3D animation, working as a Medical Animator at MadMicrobe Studios. She enjoys all facets of animation, from scientific research to creating accurate models. Her past experience of working closely with various researchers has strengthened her interest in scientific research and visual communication.

        As a multimedia artist, she has a strong interest in learning the lastest techniques and software and combining various media to create an effective visual material. In the future, Susie hopes to communicate science better with minimally educated people, especially those with disabilities.

        When she is not in the studio, Susie loves singing with her karaoke mic, watching cat videos, and catching up with her goofy friends (accompanied by a bottle of wine).

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